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Spezialschreibmaschinen für eine Blindenschule in Ost-Bhutan

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Muenselling Institute in Ost-Bhutan
Die Spezialschreibmaschinen sind angekommen

Gemeinsam mit der schwedischen Bhutangesellschaft stellte die DBHG dem Muenselling Institut, einer Blindenschule in Ostbhutan (Webseite: http://muensellinginstitute.edu.bt), sieben Schreibmaschinen der Marke Perkins im Wert von ca. 7.000 Euro  zur Verfügung. Die DBHG hat davon 4.725 Euro übernommen, die zum großen Teil durch Spenden erbracht wurden.

Nachfolgend ein Dankschreiben des Instituts und ein Foto über den Einsatz der Schreibmaschinen:

Dear Sirs,

Perkins Braillers arrived to the institute at the right time of our need. While the 11 Perkins donated by Bhutan foundation has already be loaned out to the students and the embosser was busy embossing text books. We were in need of additional Perkins Braillers for the newly recruited teachers who wish to learn Braille of Muenselling Institute and for those of neighboring school where they support the visually impaired children of our institute.

One of the most important and immediate role played by the seven Perkins Braillers we received was to inaugurate, noting down the guidelines and tips for the visually impaired on COVID-19.

Therefore, Muenselling has no word to express to thank to the donors, the persons who ensured that the donation went on smoothly and to all those who supported to make the dreams of the visually impaired of MIK come true, for answering their prayers and for hearing their voices.

Praying for every one success.

Kuenga Chhoegyel, Muenselling Institute